About the Visitor Information Service BOX (VIS-BOX)

The Visitor Information Service BOX (VIS-BOX) is a media server that sends digital content (films, audio, documents, images etc.) directly to your visitor's own devices (tablets, phones, laptops - anything with WiFi).
This allows visitor interaction and learning even in areas with inconsistent or no internet or phone signals because VIS-BOX generates its own private secure network.
Your site may not be permanently staffed, maybe a rural site with no power, you may not have the infrastructure for large displays, you may not wish to detract from your displays with static signs, you may want the flexibility to make updates to your content.
​With VIS-BOX you are in control of what your visitor's learn.
VIS-BOX is private and secure with no internet connection, so content is safe and controlled.
Your visitors only see what you want them to see. HOW? HOW?
Through an easy to learn and use drag and drop interface, you upload your files, arrange them into pages and your content is made available to your visitor's through a simple and clear touch button menu on their own devices. Accessing VIS-BOX is as simple as logging on and opening a browser.

Printable Documents

VIS-BOX Overview Leaflet 2017

Visitor Attractions, Churches, Art studios, Exhibitions and entire Villages can easily share their local history and heritage interpretation with their visitors and communities as well as providing important local information and enabling a platform for feedback and advertising of local services.​
VIS-BOX has provided Guide and Scout camps with educational films, entertainment and self-made digital journals.
VIS-BOX has enabled educational self-guided tours for unmanned sites of historical and community importance.
VIS-BOX is perfect for sharing your media directly to your visitors own devices and because there is no internet connection, your visitors remain safe while you only show them what you want to share. It is easy for your visitor to connect. They simply select the VIS-BOX WiFi, open a browser and log-in by typing ‘vis.box’ - front of house information stickers and window labels are included. Visitor statistics are available to administrators including guestbook and feedback comments. There is no phone data use, no APPS to download and VIS-BOX is compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets with WiFi and browser capability.
Company Overview
Visitor Information Services Manufacture Innovative Visitor Interaction Equipment & Digital Content Planning, Scripting, Directing & Editing of Animations, Photography, Filming, Audio & Documentation.

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